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The research phase is the first and perhaps the most important phase of the product design process. At this stage, a thorough examination is made of the company's current market, target audience, competitors and market trends. In addition, a detailed research is also required on the technology and materials for which the product will be designed. Research is one of the key factors determining the success of the product to be designed.


The idea stage is the stage where ideas are generated based on the results of the research. This stage requires creative thinking and generating innovative ideas. Ideas include topics such as the functionality of the product, its design, the materials to be used and the production process. This stage is usually followed by brainstorming sessions, concept drawings and prototyping.


This is the stage where the ideas identified are actually put into practice. Prototyping is the stage where the functionality and design of the product is tested and improved. In this process, user testing and feedback are important to determine whether the product will be successful in the market.

Technical Evaluation

It is the final stage where the technical characteristics and performance of the product are evaluated. At this stage, the product is checked for compliance with technical standards and regulations. Technical aspects such as the efficiency, reliability and quality of the product are also assessed. At the end of this evaluation phase, it is decided whether the product is ready to be placed on the market.

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Makdos Tech is a company that values its employees, providing guidance and support, motivating them not only for internal growth but also to master other skills, roles and responsibilities. At Makdos Tech, everyone can change the area of interest where they perform really well and learn something new every day.

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Thank you for your excellent professionalism in establishing and managing our industrial manufacturing company's identity in the digital world. It was a pleasure to work with you at every stage, from ...

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I would like to thank you for your successful work in creating a website that fully meets the needs of our company. Your ability to understand the customer goals and sectoral needs of companies operat...

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Working with Makdos Tech, which operates for the effective presence of our printing house in the digital world, has taken our business to the next level. Thanks to their professional approach and unli...

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Emre D. - Cem Ofset


Our company operating in the personal care sector has achieved great success in our digitalization journey thanks to our partner in the IT sector. The design and functionality of our website, CRM syst...

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Firm Partner

Thank you for your professional approach and unlimited support during our cooperation. The successful launch of our new website is the result of your expertise and efforts. We are grateful for your ex...

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