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UI (User Interface) is the visible face of a product to the user. It includes elements such as interactive elements, buttons, text and images. UI design determines the visual features and functional operation of a product. All the elements that the user encounters when interacting with an application or website are part of the UI design. This has a huge impact on the attractiveness and ease of use of a product.

UX (User Experience) design is the process of optimizing the experience a product provides to the user. User experience refers to the totality of the user's interactions with a product. In UX design, the needs, expectations and goals of users are determined and a product is designed in line with this information. User experience design ensures that a product is user-friendly and facilitates users' interactions with the product.

UI and UX design processes are often carried out together because they are closely linked. UI design focuses on how a product looks, while UX design focuses on how the product works and how the user interacts with it. These processes usually involve identifying user needs, prototyping, testing and continuous updates. Both design processes put the user at the center to best serve their needs and expectations.


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We follow a detailed UI/UX process to gain insight on how you can best and seamlessly serve your audience to achieve your business goals.


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Why Makdos Tech?

At Makdos Tech, we offer customized UI/UX design services to improve the user experience and satisfaction of your products. Our experienced team are experts in understanding user needs and expectations, conducting research and creating user-centric designs. Our goal to make your products faster, user-friendly and fun is to increase user satisfaction and optimize usability.

Choosing Makdos Tech is a strategic decision to improve your user experience and product satisfaction. Our services include customer analysis, user research, prototyping, testing, tracking goals, analytics, coordination with UI designers and developers, and development planning. We also track user experience and usability using quantitative data points to evaluate the success of your product.

Specifically, Makdos Tech UI/UX designers are experts in areas such as technical troubleshooting and creating user-friendly interfaces, which is why you should choose Makdos Tech to optimize the user experience and usability of your product. We humanize technology, switch between tasks and communicate effectively. By focusing on both UI and UX design processes, we will enhance your product to meet user needs and expectations.

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