Service Agreement

The Service Service Agreement (SLA) is the agreement between Makdos and our customers.

This is an agreement that covers how well a service will perform, how long it will be provided, and under what conditions it will be provided. SLA aims to define the quality and superiority of a service and fulfill your expectations.


SLA Services

Our SLA service for our cloud server rental and hosting services is provided in 5 main areas.

Web Server Optimization

Litespeed Installation and Optimization

Apache Installation and Optimization (PhP-FPM / Fastcgi)

Nginx Installation and Optimization

Openlitespeed Installation and Optimization

SSL Installation, Configuration and Optimization

Let's Encrypt Free SSL Module Installation

Log Cleanup / Free Up Disk Space


Panel and Server Optimization

Plesk Panel Installation, Configuration and Optimization

cPanel Installation, Configuration and Optimization

DirectAdmin Installation, Configuration and Optimization

LAMP Installation and Configuration

Centos Web Panel Installation and Configuration

Webmin Installation and Configuration

Security Optimization

Firewall / iptables Installation and Configuration

CSF Installation and Configuration

Imunify360 & ImunifyAV Installation and Configuration

SSH or RDP Security

WAF (Web Firewall Application) solutions

Firewall service (SSL-VPN, IPSec)

DDOS Prevention

Server-side Virus Scanning and Removal


Server Management Support

Fully Managed server service

Managing virtualization and Cluster infrastructure setup

Linux or Windows Operating System Installation and management

Server update and maintenance

Installation and configuration of software

Security and backup service

SLA Services

Our SLA service for our cloud server rental and hosting services is provided in 5 main areas.


We provide SLA assurance that Internet access will be available over 99.5% of the year.

Processing Speed

The internet speed of the service provided varies according to the service received, with a minimum of 100 Mbps and a maximum of 10 Gbps. This is a sufficient speed to provide high performance in today's conditions.


Our company is very sensitive about data security and the security of its services. Starting from the network layer to the cloud server service and software, there are layered security devices and we take care to keep them regularly updated.


Our network and firewall devices are usually updated 2 times a year. Before these works, our customers are definitely informed by e-mail in advance. If there is an interruption in the updates to be made, we usually take care to coincide it with the weekend and late hours.


You can reach our company 24/7 by phone, and you can also create a support request via the panel in case of any problem. The created support requests are answered by our technical staff within maximum 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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