Customized Mail Service

Our Customized Mail Service project aims to provide a safe, fast and effective e-mail experience to Makdos Tech customers. This service, designed to facilitate your work and personal communication, once again demonstrated the success of our company in understanding the needs of users and providing solutions. With our extensive experience and passion for technology, we are excited to offer many more services that will add value to you and your business.




2022 - Ongoing

Team Size

3 members

Tech Stack

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web, Development

Using Tool



The mail service development project for Makdos Tech first started with understanding user needs and business processes. With user research and market analysis, we determined which e-mail features Makdos Tech customers need the most. Then we started to identify the most suitable software solutions to meet these needs.

The software development process continued with the determination of functional requirements and the design of the software. After a rigorous testing process, our customized e-mail service started to offer a superior e-mail experience to Makdos Tech customers with its security and speed.


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