Re-Pie Web Design & Development Project

We successfully designed and launched the website of Re-Pie, one of Turkey's leading comprehensive asset management companies. Re-Pie specializes in investing in technology and innovation-driven business models, and this was a key contributor to our vision during the design process.




2021 - Ongoing

Team Size

3 members

Tech Stack

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web, Development

Using Tool



In our web design and development process, we successfully completed Re-Pie's new website using various technologies and tools. Figma was the main tool used in the design phase of the project. This platform allows to create interactive prototypes and optimize the user experience. We focused on the details to create an ideal user interface and created an intuitive design so that users can easily use the site.

During frontend development, we leveraged ReactJS technology, a JavaScript library ideal for enriching the user experience and creating an interactive interface. React uses virtual DOM (Document Object Model) to improve performance and ensures code reusability thanks to its component-based structure.

Python and FastAPI were used in the backend development process. Python is a language known for its large libraries and easy readability. FastAPI is a Python framework for creating modern, fast (high performance) and web-based APIs. This framework enables fast and efficient data processing.


Design File

Our team has created an impressive, user-friendly and functional website for Re-Pie. The success of our project is a tangible demonstration of our team's commitment to Re-Pie and its ability to understand its value.


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