Saçhane Web Design & Development Project

Our company successfully developed and managed the website, server and application infrastructure of Sachane, one of Turkey's leading personal care e-commerce websites. In this project, we used the latest technologies and innovative solutions to provide a user-friendly interface design, a fast and reliable server infrastructure, and an impressive application experience. This successful collaboration with Sachane is another demonstration of our company's expertise in technology and software.




2022 - Ongoing

Team Size

4 members

Tech Stack

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web, Development

Using Tool



We finalized our designs with Figma, a tool that puts the user experience first. Figma allowed us to translate our ideas into vibrant and expressive designs.

For UI developments, we used Tailwind, a CSS framework that promises customizability and efficiency. Tailwind helped us create a modern and responsive interface, which increased user engagement with the site.

For frontend development, we used React to provide a fast and effective user experience. React's component-based structure increased code reusability, speeding up our development process.

For backend development, we used Python, a powerful and flexible language, which gave us the performance and reliability we needed for data processing and server operations.


Design File

Figma demonstrates our ability to build a user-oriented and technically strong solution using modern technologies such as Tailwind, React and Python. This experience has provided us with valuable knowledge and expertise for future projects.


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